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Tic Tac France - "Worst Breath in the World" | Video

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For such a little breath mint, Tic Tacs pack a powerful breath-freshening punch. On the other hand, a spell of bad breath can also knock your unsuspecting victim off their feet. The creative types over at Ogilvy & Mather as well as a score of actors (who are actually employees from the Rouen Ferrero Factory) bring this  point to life in their latest flash mob video where innocent passers-by are asked for directions before people begin to pass out due to the (suspected) stench of their breath. This has got to be mortifying for the innocent participants when they see everyone around them collapse - especially given how tough it is to coordinate something like this - but it definitely gets the point across of just how bad stinky breath can be and how much a little Tic Tac can do. Check it out for yourself after the jump.