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Katsuhiro Otomo - GENGATEN Exhibition Recap | Tokyo

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Yesterday, we reported on the custom made replica motorcycle that was built to the specs of the classic animation Akira. The motorcycle is currently being displayed at the GENGATEN exhibition of Katsuhiro Otomo at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo. Bulk of the exhibition is dedicated to his cult classic animation Akira, showcasing the whole 2125 pieces of original drawings in a specially prepared glass case. This exhibition was planned by Otomo soon after the 3.11 earthquake and disaster in Japan, and has taken almost one year to come to fruition. Part of the ticket sale will go towards charities to be donated to the victims and rebuilding efforts of the Tohoku region. If you are in the area, do drop by as the exhibition will be running until end of next month. via:

3331 Arts Chiyoda
6-11-14 Sotokanda | Map
Chiyoda, Tokyo

Exhibition Dates: April 9th, 2012 (Monday) - May 30th (Wednesday) | 11:30am - 8pm