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Citroën Numero 9 Concept

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Citroën‘s new Numero 9 Concept is the epitome of sleek. Just look at the lines of this French hybrid-powered wagon, set to debut at the upcoming Auto China 2012 event. Beginning with the 21-inch wheels, continuing with a 3-piece glass roof, and everywhere in between its 5-meter long body, we see beauty in what is to become the new flagship of Citroën DS sub-brand. Underneath the shell, we have a full plug-in hybrid engine, which Citroën claims can hit 166 mpg and 295 horsepower all within the same unit, including its Turbo Outrun-sounding boost function that releases power from the electric and combustion engines simultaneously, which allows you to hit 62mph in 5.4 seconds. The N9 also normally runs FWD, but can automatically switch to four-wheel-drive if it senses you need an extra set of wheels to hug a turn. More details on the Citroen Numero 9 concept, including its interior design and production plans for the Numero 9, are expected to be revealed following its Beijing motor show debut on April 23. via: Autoblog