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KTC-Manufacture - Interview with Rapha Founder

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Rapha is a cycle wear brand with a slight difference and its this little differentiation which has made it become what it is today. Already eight years deep, founder Simon Mottram was not always in the garment industry. In fact, he started out as an accountant and slowly shifted into marketing and branding, then jumped into his own venture. Apart from their well designed products, Rapha is known for their spectacularly beautiful promotional videos that capture the essence of cycling.

KTC-Manufacture got a chance to sit down with Mottram to chat about his influences and brand ethos, as well as what cycling means to him and why he wants to share it with the world. This is a great read for cyclists but also for designers who are looking to build their own label in today's highly competitive climate. Check out the full interview at KTC-Manufacture website.