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LEGO CUUSOO - Star Wars "Dark Bucket" | By haru

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Because it takes more than one person for a complete galactic domination and because "empire" is usually a pluralistic reference, all reasons why Haru submitted his idea for the Star Wars "Dark Bucket" on fan forum LEGO CUUSOO . Beyond the subtle humorous reference to Spaceballs, the concept is actually a very practical one. Packed with 99 Stormtroopers and a black chrome Darth Vader LEGO mini-figure, all in a convenient LEGO bucket. Now you can have your own 501st Legion and recreate Battle of Yavin with ease. To reenact all of the crucial Star Wars battles, Haru even suggested a curated edition where you will get Storm Troopers, Sand Troopers, Scout Troopers, Snow Troopers, Tie Pilots, AT-AT Pilots, and one Darth Vader. Adding to mix, maybe even Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper disguises. Finally, if LEGO was to realize the concept, Haru suggested that proceeds would go to charity for the 3-11 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami recovery effort. Vote today on LEGO CUUSOO.