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NOWNESS - Fiat 500 by Gucci | Film by Chris Sweeney

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A tongue-in-cheek video directed by Chris Sweeney depicts the series of ingredients that go into the making of the Fiat 500 by Gucci. The special edition supermini, customized by Gucci's creative director Frida Giannini, has components made from Gucci high heels, handbags and perfume bottles. Those items go on a conveyor belt and undergo shrink-wrapping to become a steering wheel, car exhaust and wheel rims, which become part of a life-sized model kit that will ultimately take the form of the Fiat 500 by Gucci. Director Sweeney likens the short film to an "extreme, austere fashion version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Check it out following the click. via: NOWNESS