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2012 Coachella - Tupac Hologram performing with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg

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No, you're not seeing things. That's really Tupac Shakur on stage with Snoop. Well, a hologram of the late rapper, but Tupac was back. Resurrected in front of a roaring crowd on the Coachella stage, the bare-chested Tupac performed a few of his top songs alongside Snoop and Dr. Dre for a crowd surely struck with disbelief. After yelling, "What up, Coachella?" the Tupac performed "Hail Mary," "Come With Me," and "Gangsta Party," owning the stage in a pair of acid-wash jeans and Timberland boots reminiscent of the style around the time he was shot back in September 1996. Nate Dogg, who died in 2011, also made an appearance using the same technology that brought Tupac back to life, which was provided by the British company, Musion, who holds an impressive portfolio of work for Madonna, David Beckham, and Prince Charles. Eminem, 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa also performed during the event, truly making it a memorable night for the 75,000 in attendance. Check out a video of the performance after the jump -- you won't want to miss it. via: Wired