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Audi To Buy DUCATI - Official Announcement To Come This Week | Rumor

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It will be all smiles for executives at Audi as they present the luxury auto maker's annual report to shareholders this week. Not only has the Volkswagen division broke a company record of 346,000 vehicles sold in one fiscal quarter during the last 3 months, the Four Rings is also planning an ambitious expansion plan that will help it secure the top place in the luxury car market, currently held by BMW. As announced previously, one purported proposal is the purchase of Italian super bike maker DUCATI, which in turn will help Audi return to the 2-wheel circuit. As business journal Reuters reported, Audi execs and DUCATI's largest shareholder have all already green lighted the acquisition. Now, both sides are waiting for Volkswagen's annual stockholder meeting on April 19th to make it official. Additionally, Audi will finalize its decision on building its first manufacturing plant in North America, possibly in Chattanooga, Tennessee. via: Reuters