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Ersatz Outdoors - Nature Valley Trail View | "Hike National Parks on Your Computer Screen"

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If you're feeling a little shut-in during the colder months or you have an itch to get away from the concrete jungle after a few hours of being stuck at your desk, granola company Nature Valley may have the coolest solution for your woes: the Nature Valley Trail View. Currently offering spectacular  step-by-step (literally) panoramic views of over 300 miles of trails weaving through the Grand Canyon, the Great Smokey Mountains, and Yellowstone National Parks, this Google Street-view type experience is just the start to what Nature Valley hopes is a new way for people to learn about, respect, and experience nature. Hiking 8-10 hours a day in teams of 4-8 people,each film crew used a 360-degree backpack camera with 11 lenses, the Dodeca 2360, whose footage was seamless stitched together and overlayed with in-depth park information, must-see way-points, and decision points for the user to navigate at their own pace from anywhere in the world. So grab a cool drink, a comfy chair, and settle in for a fun ride (without the risk of cougar or bear attacks). via: Gear Junkie