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LEGO Australia - Festival of Play: Celebrating 50 Years of LEGO Down Under | Video

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Like elsewhere around the world, children and adults in Australia can explore the reaches of their imagination courtesy of little plastic bricks from LEGO. The outcome would've gone quite differently however if it wasn't for a salesperson by the name of John Peddie. Thanks to Peddie's perseverance, the once hesitant toy stores from Down Under started to import the Danish system of play. Now, exactly 50 years later, LEGO Australia is celebrating that very introduction with Festival of Play, a yearlong campaign which highlights everything and anything LEGO from Down Under. As a way to kick-off the celebration, LEGO recreated John Peddie's endeavor in a brief stop motion video in what else but LEGO bricks. By the way, a life long LEGO Maniac, John Peddie is still working for LEGO Australia to this day.