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Nigel Sylvester - Get Sylvester: BMX In Barcelona | Video by 13th Witness & Harrison Boyce

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If you've come to expect Nigel Sylvester's latest video venture to be full of rail grinds and other outlandish BMX stunts, think again. Though the tricks are still there, the Get Sylvester reality series is more of a personal narrative on Nigel Sylvester by Nigel Sylvester. Created by Time McGurr of 13th Witness and Harrison Boyce, the short form documentary doubles as a medium for self examination for Nigel Sylvester. Along with his BMX tour and through his hectic itineraries in Barcelona, the native from Queens channeled a genuine appreciation of his current predicament. After all, not many people get to travel around the world and gets to do what they lover. See the premiere episode of Get Sylvester after the jump...