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Stussy Livin' General Store - Spring 2012 Collection | April Releases

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For years, Stussy was primarily focusing on producing items for the apparel world, but they have always kept their eye on offering a line of products to outfit the rest of your life, even if it was a small portion of their business. In the last couple of years, however, Stussy Japan has been making a bigger push under the Stussy Livin' umbrella offering lifestyle and home-ware products out of their General Store Collection. In past releases, including last month's, we've seen underwear, socks, kitchen tools, and iPhone sleeves, but for April, Stussy offers up a more diverse range of products, including an Elementary Driver Set, an Original Shower Set, a Beach Rag, a Velva Sheen V Neck Pocket Tee pack, a series of Room Boxers, and Bandanas. Labeling is relatively subtle across the releases, but the pieces fit perfectly within the feel of the Stussy brand. Take a look at the full collection of April releases after the jump, which are available at the Stussy Livin' General Store stockists across Japan.