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NBA To Consider Jersey Sponsorships

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The rendering above might be a bit exaggerated though it reflects a possible future path for the NBA. Over the weekend, the league's governing body, the NBA Board of Governors, met in New York City for the ratification of major proposals set for the next season. Among the agendas were New Jersey Nets' move to Brooklyn, plans for Sacramento Kings' new stadium, and the query to add sponsorships onto team jersey. Already a common practice among individual athlete in tennis, golf, auto racing, and team sports abroad, the NBA, along with MLB, NFL, and NHL, are the last few held outs in the world of sports. While fans deemed team uniforms to the last few sacred bastion free of commercialization, team owners see them as possible revenue generators. One recent example was Herbalife's sponsorship to Los Angeles Galaxy, a contract valued at $44 million dollars over a 10-year period and attribute to its standing as Major League Soccer's richest team. As for NBA Board of Governors' decision on the matter, the final ruling won't come till several years down the road. via: NYTimes