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Norton Motorcycles To Enter Isle of Man TT Race

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In the midst of a brand revival, England's Norton Motorcycles announced it will enter into the prestigious (and dangerous) Isle of Man TT race next month, where 130 mph is the average speed. The occasion will also be the inaugural of Norton's new race bike, simply known as Norton TT. A complete departure from its Commando heritage line, long been favorites among cafe racers, the Norton TT will fashion a Spondon-base chassis with a RSV V4 engine made by Italy's Aprilia. However, the company stressed its design, assembly, and testing will still be at Donington Park, England. With this new endeavor, Norton and the company's CEO Stuart Garner hope to garner more attention on the century-old brand's resurrection. See the Norton TT in action from May 28th to June 8th. For a glimpse of the race actions to come, check out the Isle of Man TT promo video below.