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FEIT Hand Sewn Low

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The Australian shoemaker FEIT employs a small, but incredible team of cobblers trained in the art of traditional shoemaking, producing both made-to-order and in-house designed products using their connections with some of the finest tanneries in the world. Earlier we enticed you with their Hand Sewn Leather Collection, which included a set of vegetable-tanned leather wallets and a shoe horn. Now, FEIT is offering a one-of-a-kind (read: limited edition) Hand Sewn Low, in your choice of a Natural, Smog, or Corteccia colorway using minimal dyes or chemicals so the hide remains as close as possible to its naturally breathable and comfortable state. Each pair includes a natural cork footbed, a smooth leather welt strip, and raw stitches that are clear indications of the quality behind this shoe that will only grow sweeter with time. All of these are available exclusively from the FEIT online shop.