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Macaframa - Don "Roadblock" Ward | Video

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We know you're busy, but you're going to need to carve out a few minutes for this one. If you're a part of the cycling world in some way or you've always wanted to get into the mind of a few of the boldest road riders brave enough to tackle the streets of L.A. (or any major city), check out this video preview of an article in May's The Red Bulletin about Don "Roadblock" Ward and his crew aiming to reinvigorate L.A.'s urban cycling community shot by Macaframa. Roadblock is one of the key members of a fast-growing team of cyclists who organize late-night, LED-filled group rides that include members from every facet of the biking community -- from blue-collar commuters, to the homeboys on "fixies," and the serious road racers -- called the Wolfpack Hustle in an effort to both pursue their passion on some of the fastest routes and raise awareness of the thrills and dangers of riding in a car-dominated city. Overtime, the group also formed the city's essential alternative cycling guide, Midnight Ridazz,whose publishing team has stepped into full the role of meeting facilitator, advocacy group, and outlet, a team that Roadblock also plays a key role in. Check out the full story of Don "Roadblock" Ward in the May issue of The Red Bulletin and check out the video after the jump. You can also download The Red Bulletin'sFree iPad app on iTunes now.