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Jeep Wrangler – “Dragon” Design Concept

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Jeep‘s foray deeper into the Chinese auto market with their Dragon Design Concept Wrangler isn’t just some superficial, half effort job; they went all out at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show with powerful dragon decals and a series of bronze and gold accents and interior upgrades. Based on a blacked out standard Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, the silhouette is accented with gold detailing in the grille slats, headlamp ports, fuel door bolts, branding, and engine cover along with a dragon decal that slithers its way from the hood down along the side of the cabin where it meets another on the spare tire cover. A laser-etched dragon pattern on the face of the head restraints and gold snakeskin seats complete the interior make-over. While Jeep meant for the Dragon to stand alone as a concept, if demand is strong enough you can be sure they will put it into production; just don’t count on getting your hands on one State side. via: autoblog