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SleekSpeak - Wireless Speakers for Your Bike

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There's almost nothing more dangerous for a cyclist than wearing a set of earbuds as you weave your way through traffic or hit your next century ride, which all but block out the sounds of horns blasting or sirens screeching. But, as is the case in almost every other form of fitness, music is a key part of keeping us moving and grooving at pace. In comes SleekSpeak, a smart KickStarter project designed to solve your bike plus music conundrums in one small, but mighty cube speaker. Connecting to your mp3 player using Bluetooth technology, the SleekSpeak pumps out an incredible 80 db of sound, which is more than enough to keep you rocking for an estimated 12 hours on a single charge. A customizeable  silicone shell and strap protects the mini speaker and wraps around most points on your bike. This could also be a good solution for listening to GPS directions, an audio book on a long commute, or training cues, which can help you keep your eyes on the road. If you're interested in picking one up or learning more about the project, head to SleekSpeak's KickStarter homepage to chip in before May 9.