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Lamborghini Urus SUV Concept | Detailed Look

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There are three numbers you need to know about the Beijing Motor Show (aka Auto China) so far: 1,125; 3; and 4. The first represents the fact that a record 1,125 vehicles are vying for the attention of the world's biggest car market during the show, which kicked off on Monday. The remaining are big for Lamborghini: who now, with the release of their first 4 door, the Urus Concept, increases it model line-up to three, creating a distinct new branch in their family tree  that to date only held the Aventador and Gallardo. Lamborghini is hoping that their new SUV will continue to boost its sales and brand standing, and with its aggressive design and stats, the Urus definitely delivers. Packing 600 hp, 24-inch wheels, and a range of impressive new technology and design features, including cameras in place of side mirrors and an interior that is far ahead of current car design, the only thing giving this ride any resemblance to its kin is the shape of its grille. If its launch is any indication, you shouldn't bet against this new ride being anything but successful. Check out additional looks from its launch after the jump. via: autoblog