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PEUGEOT - Urban Crossover Concept

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French carmaker Peugeot chose the Beijing Motor Show to reveal the first looks at its newest addition to their B-segment, the Urban Crossover, which, in their own words, is a "cheeky and seductive" compact SUV built to meet city driver's needs. Built with input from their offices in Paris, Shanghai, and Sao Paolo, Peugeot believe their vehicle with smooth, cat-like curves is truly the new standard for a multi-use compact easily able to handle the open road and crowded city streets. Peugeot's new lion symbol sits atop an aggressively styled hood with a new pair of LED headlamps and their trademark floating grille. On paper, the Urban Crossover's demensions are on the small side (length of 4140mm, width of 1740mm), but with long side panels, a raised body, and overly round wheel arches this Peugeot fits in among its larger kin. Check back with Freshness for more production information and interior images as they becomes available. In the meantime, click after the jump for more looks at Peugeot's progressive take on the SUV. via: CarScoop