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Google Doodle - Gideon Sundbäck 132nd Birthday Celebration

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No, this isn't the Google doing a digital version of the stripe tease, though that itself would be an interesting proposition. Instead, the search engine giant is celebrating the achievement of one Gideon Sundbäck on what would've been his 132nd birthday. While virtually a footnote on the pages of American history, Sundbäck's invention changed the way we live our lives today. That invention was Hookless No.2 Fastener, or the zipper. Though some form of fastener already existed before Sundbäck's time, they were unreliable and still largely based a system of hooks and eyes. Sundbäck improved upon it with two rows of "teeth" instead, each offset by half a mere few center meters. When drawn together through a y-shape channel, the two sides locked into place and the modern day zipper was born. Sundbäck went on to patent his idea, as well as designed the machines that made his new fastener possible. The company he worked for at the time later became Talon Inc., the world's leading zipper manufacturer till its merger with Japan's YKK.