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Nike Free - Face Off Competition | By W+K Tokyo

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Perhaps the folks at Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo watched too much of John Woo's martial arts flicks. Started off over the weekend was the newest and maybe the zaniest idea from the good people at W+K Tokyo branch, the Nike Free Face Off. Set aside the John Woo reference for a moment and the concept is pretty straight forward. Sign onto the competition website, turn on your web cam, and make a funny face, that is it. The backend, however, isn't so simple.

With algorithm from a facial recognition software, key points of your facial expression are converted into measurements. The degrees of flex between your eyebrows and your chin are now diagonal calculations. The level of symmetry of your mouth and others are now horizontal calculations. The computation even take into account the color your clothing and backdrop. Then the fun part begins. Each of the key indexes are put through the NIKEiD program and presto, your facial expressions control your very own Nike Free Run+ sneaker and the color of your clothing designate its colorway. The more you distort your face, the more twist and warp your Nike Free Run+ becomes. Once you're satisfy with your creation of "silliness", submit it onto the Face Off Competition and let your fellow Nike Free Run+ fans vote. The winner of each week gets a NIKEiD gift card, as well as a very sore face. Unfortunately, only contestants in Japan can enter this weekly thrill fest that will last till May 31st.

Competition Dates: Now - May 31st, 2012 (Thursday)