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Bike Fixtation - Bike Repair Vending Machine

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It's happened to every cyclist out there: A flat tire, a loose spoke, or that eerie feeling when your handlebars begin to wiggle and there isn't a bike store anywhere in sight. Because most casual bikers don't carry a saddle bag full of tools or have back-up gear handy, any repairs needed on-the-go can quickly grind your ride to a halt. That's where entrepreneurs Alex Anderson and Chad Debaker's Bike Fixtation comes in; it is a service kiosk (which just happens to resemble a soda machine) that supplies bikers with basic parts, tools, free air, and services to make just about any repair on the road. Bikers looking to restock on some cycling-friendly snacks can also purchase a few from the same vending machine. The main unit is also paired with a bike rack with just about any tool you could need to put your two-wheeler back together again tethered to it. The lucky riders in Minneapolis, MN's Uptown Transit Station got the first unit, but with plans to install new kiosks in other major cities, including L.A., Boston, and N.Y.C. in the works, soon you may be turning to one in your bike's time of need.