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NOWNESS - Launches Chinese Website

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NOWNESS, the online leader in bringing consumers stories of modern luxury, culture, events, and style, announced on April 25 that it has launched a Chinese-language version of its unique site, expanding their reach to Chinese luxury enthusiasts wanting a new way to engage with the world's high-end brands. However, don't get this confused for just a translation of its English content; this site is completely tailored to the Chinese reader. NOWNESS will bring bespoke cultural stories and announcements about local events in the China region, tapping into China's growing demand for all-things luxury using a digital and social media-friendly site. This launch marks a new chapter in an already-storied franchise that was first launched in 2012 by LVMH, owner of iconic brand names including De Beers, Fendi, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton, that now seeks to balance its growth and reach out to retailers throughout Asia. The Chinese site launched with an original short-film presenting an intimate portrait of Zeng Fanzhi, China's leading painter, which poses a strong first step into bringing its Chinese readers contributions from cultural influences from all corners of thought and design. Make sure to stay tuned to see where this adventure takes us next.