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PEAR Sports - Square One Biofeedback Training Tool

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There are a lot of gadgets out there that end up causing your physique to suffer at the end of the day, but the range of options with healthy intentions just got more interesting with PEAR Sports' Square One Biofeedback Training Tool. Unlike the Nike+ Fuelband, which stays by your side throughout the day to help keep you moving toward your goals, the Square One's sole purpose is to fine tune your training and improve your workouts in real time. Effectively a personal trainer squeezed into a tiny mp3 player-friendly package, the Square One allows you to built a workout regimen based on your goals and the results of a baseline fitness test. The results include a series of pre-planned sessions devised by a team of elite running coaches that also constantly monitor your performance, encourage you to maintain your target pace, and provide on-going feedback during your workout. The package also includes a wireless heart rate monitor and foot pad, lightweight sport earphones, and access to Pear Portal to upload, track, and plan your training. The Square One is available now at the PEAR Sports online store now.