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Volkswagen Beetle - Tuned To 240 Horsepower | By ABT Sportsline

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Even though it comes with an optional turbocharger 2.0-liter engine or in a VR6-powered RS model, the new Volkswagen Beetle has had a tough time shaking the remaining critics that keep its "chick car" label alive. However, the top tuners at Germany's ABT Sportsline may finally have done the trick with their aggressive new kit. On the outside, the Beetle gets a pair of headlight "eyelids" that give it an angry look, especially when paired with the new sharp front spoiler and 18-inch rims. At the rear, a new set of oval tailpipes amp up this look even higher while the black and red graphics package with its carbon-look vinyl rounds out the Beetle's new image. Under the hood, ABT's upgrades net another 40 hp (totaling 240 hp) while the new suspension package improves handling and black-painted calipers enhance stopping power. Take a look at additional shots after the jump and check out more Beetle customizations at ABT's homepage. via: autoblog

Think small and very fast: The new ABT Beetle

Its predecessor was an evergreen, a mass-consumption vehicle, both in Germany and worldwide. The Beetle was dependable and robust, it looked nice and was very distinct. Incidentally, it was also a sportsman and film star, if you will, and this potential for a cult following is what characterises its successor as well, especially when tuned by ABT Sportsline.

The traditional company from the Allgäu has been involved in "breeding beetles" for decades now. Way back, the basis was disrespectfully called "creepy-crawly", but the new model is much improved over its predecessor: In the ABT Beetle, the 2 litre turbo engine's 240 hp (176 kW) is the right thing for the fast lane. Compared with the standard model, this is an extra ABT POWER of 40 PS (29 kW) you can really feel on whatever road and in whatever gear. And this extra power is what the 1965 Beetle had to show in all, mind you! So this new speedy car asserts itself wherever it goes. Don't only think small drive fast, too! The exhaust system includes two oval ABT rear mufflers. An ABT Beetle is an everyday athlete and makes driving a real pleasure. The design elements turn this unusual car into a cheeky and dynamic sports car before you have even started the engine.

The Beetle from Kempten is a car you can use every day but also a real grand-grandson of Herbie's: The carbon-look deco set is both retro and modern. It highlights the car's charming individuality. The headlight covers make it look more aggressive. Rear light covers and a license plate insert lend the rear end more originality. The front spoiler signals that this beautiful sports car will never get off the ground. To make the Beetle's looks even more perfect, we recommend ABT wheels in their powerful DR or CR designs, which are fully in line with the Beetle's silhouette and contours. These wheels are available from 18'' to 20'' and also in conjunction with the right sport tyres. This visual unit is completed by the ABT brake system, which you can tell by its black painted callipers bearing the ABT Logo. This turns the Beetle's base into an eye-catcher, too. And ABT suspension springs make it corner even better. All these upgrades make the new Beetle a... well-rounded thing.