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Sekure D - "What The Sekure?" Dunk Low

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Ever since the crazy "What The Dunk" from Nike SB hit the scene, its been held has one of the most creative and eye-catching designs released with a Swoosh on it. While many on NikeiD try to leave their own mark on their Dunk, Australia's Sekure D's wants those in the custom game to push it further; taking pre-existing colorways and patterns and repainting them isn't imaginative. For the last 8 years Sekure has been customizing sneakers and building designs nobody has ever seen before and his latest design, nicknamed the "What the Sekure," is the strongest contender since the original to break the mold. Featuring custom designs, colors, and patterns on every inch and panel of the upper born with previous custom Sekure kicks, the only things consistent across the release are the white midsole, black liner, and silver Swoosh. Everything else fits the definition of original to a T. Even if you don't pick up a pair from Sekure D's online store, you have to recognize that the game as just entered new territory. Check out additoinal looks after the jump.