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Up There x Yuketen Country Ranger

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Aussie retailer Up There gets their hands on an exclusive collection from the outdoor-oriented American brand Yuketen that takes their popular Country Ranger silhouette and gives it a premium make-over. Wearing a coarse-grain tobacco-toned leather upper and a thick white SBP VIbram sole, these handsome shoes are built to last and carry your style to a new level. You can almost see these on your feet now strolling down the street or lugging your gear to a mountain-top campsite with your family and friends; in both scenarios their cut and styling fits the bill perfectly. Click after the jump for more looks at the detailing and craftsmanship that went into each handmade set. They are available now exclusively at Up There Store now.

Up There Store
1/11-15 McKillop Street | Map
Melbourne VIC 3000