Blackberry 10 - Sneak Preview | Video


With BlackBerry World 2012 fully underway in Orlando, we can now get a good glimpse of BlackBerry's strongest response to the extreme growth of the iPhone and Android platforms, the BlackBerry 10. RIM CEO Thorston Heins took the stage yesterday to showcase the latest BlackBerry OS, including a Sneak Preview during the keynote speech that clearly demonstrates the change in direction BlackBerry's platform is taking toward virtual keyboards; something that is pretty huge to BlackBerry owner's faithful to the traditional design. Other big changes on the way with the BlackBerry10 include a newly designed account interface, an improved document viewer that moves with the flick of a finger, and an adaptive keyboard that learns the user's type style to prevent common errors and allows you to add, edit, and delete with a swipe. BlackBerry also demonstrated new camera software that gives you the flexibility to capture photos along a continuum, which allows you to find the exact moment right before or after your snap the picture to get it just right (such as when your subject blinks). The BlackBerry 10 is scheduled for a fall launch and if it delivers a response anywhere close to that received from the demo, BlackBerry customers new and old will continue to carry the brand forward into the next battle of the mobile war. via: WIRED