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Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke For Dirk Nowitzki

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When you do an bespoke for Dallas' sharp-shooting forward, Dirk Nowitzki, you do it right. You chose Nike's most celebrated basketball shoe, the Air Force 1, then blend his teams colors into the design of the denim upper, embroider his signature "fadeaway" below the ankle, stitch his jersey number on the tongue, add a special lace lock, and finish the look with the date that Dirk became the first German to win a world championship in the US: 12-06-11. In other words, Israel Matteo, designer at the NIKEiD studio at 21 Mercer, rocks it. And since an ordinary shoe box wouldn't fit the extraordinary story that is Dirk's career, an exclusive "Dreambox" was created using basketball court wood engraved with a special message from Nike: "All dreams are crazy until they come true. Dirk did it."

The presentation of the Bespoke iD design was also a dream come true for a 19-year old basketball fan from Frankfurt, Germany, who won the chance to take on Dirk 1-on-1 and be there to witness Dirk see his shoe for the first time. More images of the one-of-a-kind Air Force 1 as well as pictures and a video of the presentation to Dirk and the lop-sided match-up are after the jump.