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BLINK/STEADY - Fine Crafted Aluminum Bike Lights | By Benjamin Cohen

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The main appeal of the Blink/Steady bike light is its simplicity. Machined from solid aluminum, the light is secured to your bike's seatpost and turns on automatically when it's dark and shuts off when you're not riding (thanks to a built-in light sensor and accelerometer). The device features a simple low-profile design that's secured with a soft-tip set screw. You can choose between two modes -- blinking or steady light -- simply by flipping it over. No buttons or moving parts, meaning you can set it and forget it. The Blink/Steady design team, made up of Benjamin Cohen, Stuart Heys and Mark Sibenac, has already achieved its funding goal on Kickstarter. A $95 pledge will get you your own Blink/Stead bike light, with a delivery scheduled for July.