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Steve Jobs - The Lost Interview | Trailer

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In 1995 Steve Jobs was two years away from reassuming his chief executive position at Apple, the company he had co-founded with Steve Wozniak. He was foundering at his present company, NeXT, but an interview with Robert Cringely found Jobs as confident as ever (he takes a shot at rival Bill Gates, declaring that the problem with Microsoft is "they just have no taste"). Portions of the interview were used in the PBS documentary "Triumph of the Nerds," but the entirety of the 70-minute video -- featuring Jobs' vision for a digital future -- was thought to have been lost. A VHS copy was recently discovered in the director's garage, and the restored version will be released by Magnolia Pictures. The film will open in select theaters on May 11th, with a DVD and VOD release to follow this summer. Check out the trailer below.