Cityscape Sculptures By Liu Wei


Born in Beijing in 1972, Liu Wei is on the forefront of the new Chinese art scene. He works in media that spans sculpture, painting and video, informed with a theme that examines the relationship between order and disorder, reflecting the energy of his native city. It's an idea that's echoed in his cityscape series, depicting iconic buildings from the Pentagon to Saint Peter's Basilica constructed from stacks of schoolbooks held together with steel rods and clamps. The result is a crumbling tableaux of a dystopian vision of cities in the future. Liu Wei's cityscapes sculptures are displayed as part of the artist's first solo exhibition in Paris, entitled "Foreign," currently ongoing at the Almine Rech Gallery.

Almine Rech Gallery
19 Rue de Saintonge | Map
75003 Paris, France

Exhibition Dates: Now - May 16th, 2012 (Wednesday)