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Range Rover - Evoque RS250 Concept | By Project Kahn

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If there is one thing to note from great designers is that they never over design. As easy as it may sound, it is not hard to practice in reality. When it comes to redesigning automobiles, British design office Project Kahn certainly delivers the goods. Many may speculate on the already excellent base, yet we have all seen bad designers ruin something that was more or less perfect. Project Kahn is tackling the latest Range Rover Evoque, calling it RS250. Here we see the sketch to visualize the concepts of the designers, showing subtle additions such as LED driving lights in the aggressive front bumper, revised body kits, twin tail pipes, and diffusers. The key to this revamp is their signature two-tone body, featuring red hood and rooftop popping out against the silver body. Suspension will be improved as well, along with 22 inch wheels replacing the stock rims. via: Carscoop