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Stussy x Converse Elm & Sea Star featuring Hanni El Khatib

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In joining forces on their collaborative project, Stussy and Converse looked to certain individuals for inspiration, whose spirit and drive personified the core principles of both brands. For the Stussy x Converse Summer 2012 collection -- made up of the Sea Star and Elm sneakers -- the brands looked to musician Hanni El Khatib. Currently living in L.A. and signed to the Innovative Leisure record label, Hanni grew up skateboarding in San Francisco, eventually signing on with HUF as creative director. He's since moved on, following his dream to become a fulltime musician. (Check out a sampling of Hanni's brand of hard-driving music, used in a 2011 Converse promo clip, here.)  Stussy and Converse salute Hanni's creative passion. The co-branded Sea Star and Elm are available now at Stussy chapters and online.