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Peter Stults - Modern Film Imagined as 40s Posters


Remaking popular classic films using modern actors and updated storylines is a tactic commonly used by production companies to draw in the crowds, but what if things went the other way? Image if today's hits were set in past era with their stars playing the lead roles - what would the movies posters look like? Ahead of the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, artist Peter Stults amazingly re-images modern movie posters using directors, actors and actresses of a bygone era for an entirely different look and feel to the movie. Taking the personalities of the time and weaving them into the storylines as we know them, Stults' exercise is based on his years of experience in comic and film media is a fun way to rethink some of our favorite flicks, including Avatar, Inception, The Fifth Element, and five others. Colette's online store has the posters available now for purchase.