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Wicked Lasers LaserSaber

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If you want to take your reenactment of Star Wars from the micro-scale to the big times, well buy yourself a WickedLaser laser and its laser saber attachment and great ready to harness the power of the force. Featuring an ultra smooth magnetic gravity system that gives the appearance of the laser slowly powering up just like on the big screen, the LaserSaber add-on is a 32" aircraft-grade polycarbonate blade that fits on to other of the brand's lasers. As you probably guessed, this isn't safe for dueling (or anywhere close to the eyes) and it doesn't pack any built-in sounds (they leave that up to you), but that still doesn't mean you can't look the part. Check it shots of it in action after the jump before heading to Wicked Laser's online store where it is available now.