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Merceds-Benz - S65 AMG Custom | By CFC-SUNDERN

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The Mercedes-Benz S-Class range is held in such high regard because of its combination of power and luxury, which is probably why the decision by CFC-SUNDERN to come in with a custom edition of the flagship vehicle has seen its own series of raised eyebrows is a bit understandable. Why mess with perfection? Well, if you were going to, the addition of wing doors and a black custom vinyl wrapping of KK-Cocoon Xirallic X50 on the hood, roof, and trunk placed on a metallic pearly white paint job is definitely a bold undertaking from the German tuners. New front and rear bumpers, door sills, side mirrors, wider wheel arches, and a matching black-and-white quilted interior finish off the make-over. This is originally a 2006 model, but these additions definitely make it look it could have come right off the assembly-line of some alternative MB plant, complete with white alloy wheels. Check it for yourself after the jump. via: CarScoop