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BRAMMO Empulse Electric Motorcycle | "100 MPH Pure Performance"

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It may not look as futuristic as Znug Design's electric motorcycle, but BRAMMO's Empulse is definitely a part of what the future of the two-wheeled green revolution will look like. Featuring a 100 mile range and a posted top speed of 100 miles per hour, BRAMMO's Empulse is built with the preferences of traditional gas-powered riders in mind, including the addition of a six-speed transmission (ala traditional performance street bikes) and seating for two. In short, BRAMMO CEO Craig Bramsher hopes you see the Empluse as they do: "Our hope is to deliver phenomenal motorcycles that just happens to be electric." Given its lithium-cobalt battery-powered and water-cooled AC motor and regenerative breaking, this motorcycle will be significantly quieter than the other bikes on the street, but Bramsher believes that just adds more back to the riding experience. With prices starting at about $17,000, Brammo is looking to send models to 80 of the top dealerships around the United States, with a specific focus on California and Florida, where riding is almost always in-season. But, no matter where you are, you can pre-order your own now directly from their online store.