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Maurice Sendak - "Where the Wild Things Are" | Read By Actor Christopher Walken

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In the wake of Maurice Sendak's death on Tuesday, clips and interviews featuring the renowned children's author have quickly recirculated around the internet. His work-- most famously, "Where The Wild Things Are" -- captured children as the complex young people that they are, which stands in sharp contrast to the generally positive genre where his books are categorized. Sendak, however, wasn't just writing for children, he was also writing for adults and, in doing so, he helped to remake and reinvigorate the now multi-billion dollar children's literature market into what it is today. In fact, he felt so strongly against the strictly child-only focus people put on his work that he was famously quoted in Vanity Fair responding, "I wanted to kill her," to a woman calling him the "kiddie-book man."

But, regardless of the politics behind his books, enjoying them for what they are and what they mean to us is only fair to the generations who grew up with them. Which more than likely explains why a year-old video featuring SNL-alum and actor Christoper Walken reading his work in his famous hesitant, but charismatic tone has gone viral in recent days. Regardless of how busy you are, carving out some time in your day to watch Walkin's signature improvisation is wildly entertaining and well worth your time. Click after the jump to check it out. via: Randomify