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Tenacious D - "The Roadie" Featuring Danny McBride | Video

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The new seven-minute video from Tenacious D, entitled "The Roadie," features Eastbound & Down's Danny McBride as the D's new roadie, Sebastian. Directed by Jody Hill, the clip begins with Jack Black and Kyle Gass interviewing Sebastian for a roadie/guitar tech position. Sebastian is a grizzled road warrior who's previously toured with Van Halen, Metallica and the Ice Capades. He can even pull some strings and set up a laser show featuring green and red lasers, the most raddest combination that lasers could ever be. As the song "The Roadie" plays, it becomes evident that perhaps hiring Sebastian on the spot wasn't a very bright idea. Check out the hilarious NSFW video below, and look for Tenacious D's album Rize of the Fenix to drop May 15th.

The Roadie with Danny McBride