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Instagram Socialmatic Camera Concept | By ADR Studio

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ADR Studio (aka Antonio De Rosa) presents the Instagram Socialmatic Camera concept, modeled after the Instagram icon (which itself was modeled after a Polaroid instant camera), that not only posts pictures to Instagram but prints them out directly from the camera -- courtesy of the built-in ink-jet printer and paper tray -- in much the same way a Polaroid would. The concept would also feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, optical zoom, 16GB of storage, a 4:3 touchscreen, two different lenses, a QR code reader and webcam functionality. The photos would print on sheets with a glue strip similar to a Post-it note, plus a QR code allowing Socialmatic users to follow the photographer on the photo-sharing network. The concept is a novel one, and we wouldn't be surprised if we eventually see the Instagram Socialmatic Camera on KICKSTARTER.