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Dave Hurban - iDermal: Implanted Magnets For iPod Nano | Video

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Hitting the wretched mid-Monday sluggishness yet? Maybe this will jolt you up and make you cringe a bit. Both ingenious and somewhat boorish at the same time, Dave Hurban from Dynasty Tattoo in Newfield, NJ, implanted four magnetic points on his left wrist for his Apple iPod Nano. The result is a gadget that is easy to access, not easy to forget, and made Hurban that much closer to becoming a cyborg. Some netizens have already made wisecracks on Hurban's experiment such as him setting off metal detectors, "what-if" scenarios if he gets too close to the refrigerator, to the need to upgrade if Apple comes out with a new iPid Nano. But, the majority of responses have been overwhelmingly supportive with many asking for the same procedure too. If you don't have a weak stomach for this, check out the video by Kaleidoscope Kreative, which has gone viral since on YouTube. via: Gizmodo AU