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This may just look like a remake of the Rolex Submariner, but the BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT knows there's more to this watch - much more. The California Dial used in this wrist-piece was originally designed for the Allied forces during WW2 to provide troops that might be captured with a 'geographic shield' (using a mixture of Arabic numbers and Roman numerals gave the captive a degree of anonymity as a purely Arabic style meant the solider was from the U.S.). Fast forward to today and a prototype of the Bamford was sent on an active duty tour to Afghanistan with an anonymous soldier to test the durability of a watch with a deep Rolex and military heritage. Needless to say, the watch fared well and Bamford is excited to release this watch to the world. Arriving in a custom shock and water proof Otter box with an optional NATO strap, each timepiece comes with a dog-tag marking its place among the 41 pieces available. In other words, act fast to reserve yours now directly from BAMFORD.