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Diablo III - Epic Action Role Playing Game | Available Now


Practically no one showed up at your office today. The cubicle to your left and right were strangely empty too. Even the usual gossip squad at the water cooler was no where in sight. Was today some kind of holiday you didn't know about? Well sort of...

After 11 years of developments, setbacks, and retuning, Blizzard Entertainment finally released Diablo III, the third installment to the Diablo franchise. A title which altered the gamescape for action role-playing genre when it first appeared in 1996, Diablo also racked up some of most ardent gamers, much to the chagrins of parents, teachers and bosses everywhere. So hardcore are the fans in fact, many decorated their workstation/altar with Red Bull, granola bars, a mini-bar of refreshments, and in some cases, faux skulls, candles, and ancient scrolls (like Diablo fan jedisretribution's altar seen here). Already, orders for Diablo III broke several pre-release records including that of And no longer popular just to those on the fringe, even The Simpsons took an interest in Diablo III's launch as well.