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Jake Davis - The Deluxe Influence of Bedwin | Video

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Jake Davis' latest installment in his film series with K-Swiss Japan exploring Japanese style revolves around Jey Perie, the marketing and public relations director for DLX, the parent company of Bedwin & the Heartbreakers and Deluxe. Entitled "The Deluxe Influence of Bedwin," the short film highlights the importance of American culture -- especially in the late '70s to the late '90s -- on Japanese style, and how DLX's Bridge store, offering goods from Deluxe and Bedwin, is true to its name by bridging the gap between Japanese and American sensibilities. Perie describes Japan as an emerging "mecca" of vintage-inspired garments, essentially reflecting back to the world what Japanese retail buyers took back from their forays into the U.S. throughout the past 20 years. Hear more of his insights in the video below.