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Brian Matanda - Timeless Capture Digital Camera System

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We so often marvel at the advancement of technology that we sometimes forget the very purpose of a gadget. Take the digital camera, for instance: it is the ultimate tool to capture images, and apart from its memory and battery life, its possibilities are infinite. Yet there is something more charming about the film camera, which forces us to be selective and be more careful when taking photos. Product designer Brian Matanda designed the Timeless Capture to put emotion back into digital photography by introducing the concept of selective photography to digital camera users.

The Timeless Capture camera does not have an LCD display on it, and the photos are only viewable via an accompanying viewer. Wireless connection enables the two devices to link with each other, and photos are visible when they are in close vicinity. There is a very finite memory on the gadget as well, erasing old photos when the memory is full, and thus adding more value to each photo taken with this camera.