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Honda Uni-Cub - A Personal Mobility Device


Being stuck sitting behind your desk all day is a drag - shouldn't there be a way for you to sit all day even if you don't have to be behind your desk? Health practitioners may not be excited about this one, but  you have to admit that Honda's Uni-Cub - their addition to the all-electric personal mobility device world - might just be better than walking. Using Honda's proprietary balance control technology and the world's first omni-directional driving system (appropriately named the Honda Omni Traction Drive System), the Uni-Cub allows the rider to control speed and direction all by simply shifting her weight, which gives you the ability to easily maneuver in tight spaces. The Uni-Cub's saddle-style design keeps your legs in a comfortable position while also keeping you about at eye-level with your not-so-lucky friends. It clocks in with a top speed of 3mph and can go up to 3 miles on a single charge, but unfortunately Honda hasn't made any plans for wide-spread production. To see it in action or to catch more glimpses of its design, click after the jump. via: AutoBlog