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James Winters - "Sabotage" Adam 'MCA' Yauch Tribute | Video

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It just goes to show that Adam 'MCA' Yauch of the Beastie Boys is a much-loved man. Many people around the world, such as Entree Lifestyle, Dante Ross, and Mick Boogie, are still paying tribute to him and trying to come to terms with his passing. Here is a tribute from James Winters, who rounded up his kids and nephews to recreate the legendary Sabotage music video. Spike Jonze directed the original video, and it was set as a mock opening credit for a fictional 1970s police show. Each member of the group plays a character in the fictional drama, causing ruckus on the streets. Winters does an amazing job reenacting the music video, adding his touch to the final edits. Click below to watch the video in full.