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Artobots - Art Exhibition Celebrating Annihilation of The Autobots | By Audio Tour Hack

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If you didn't get a chance to venture into New York's Guggenheim Museum during the first two weeks of May to see the late expressionist sculptor John Chamberlain's exhibit re-imagining the American landscape clad in crushed cars, don't worry - you still can experience the celebration of the Annihilation of The Autobots. The exhibit, which is largely comprised of works from wreckage (aka car parts), has been reinterpreted as the fallen Autobot army, thanks to the Audio Tour Hack collective, along with its unofficial online audio tour. An alternative (and comical) retelling of a Sci-Fi narrative, the files are freely downloadable from the internet and easily accessible on-the-go. Narrated by a fictional Harvard educator Patricia Redgrave, who introduced herself as "Senior Professor and expert in the art of The Deceptacon War." Redgrave tells an exceptional story that makes the Artobots a truly unique experience whether you're a fan of art, Transformers, humorous parody, or all. Check out the FREE audio after the jump...

Artobots is an Audio Tour Hack of the John Chamberlain exhibition at the Guggenheim New York that reimagines it as an exhibition about the Transformers...

Commissioned by Megatron, Leader of the Decepticons, and inspired by the late John Chamberlain, world-renowned American sculptor, this exhibition celebrates the Decepticon's annihilation of their archenemies, the Autobots, on February 24th, 2028 A.D. Each piece is artfully crafted from the wreckage of the fallen Autobot army. Presented here for the first time at the resplendent Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, one thing is certain... there is more to this exhibition than meets the eye.